Bring the practical principles of

tai chi to people in their everyday lives. This includes bringing out strength, confidence, stamina, and calmness from within.



Shifu Lloyd Ward has been an athlete all of his life. He’s been practicing martial arts for over 40 years, and some of his specialties include judo, taekwondo, and Japanese karate. He holds a 2nd-degree black belt and is proficient in both Chen and Lushi-Style Taijiquan. Some of his greatest learnings came from practicing in Beijing under Grand Master Yang for over 20 years. Shifu Ward also partnered with Grand Master Lu to teach, advance, and promote Lushi Taijiquan in the USA and throughout the world. His tai chi classes take place in Detroit, Michigan.


Master Lu is the Director of Lushi Taiji International Culture Co. in Han Dan, China. He has won several Lushi Tai Chi championships and earned the honorary title of Tai Chi Master. Master Lu also is a renowned martial arts teacher and edited Lushi tai chi nine, eighteen, thirty-six, and 108 Forms. Of particular note, Master Lu developed special training for mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes to increase their effectiveness in combat competition. His many years of experience enabled him to write books and create audio products sold worldwide. He provides instructional resources with Lushi Tai Chi instructors in the International Lushi Taiji Co.


Sensei Ward has devoted over 45 years to martial arts. He’s earned multiple black belts, including a 7th-degree black belt (Sichidan) in Uechi-Ryu Karate. He also earned a 2nd-degree black belt (Nidan) in the style of Malriz Karbat (Kyokushin) Karate. Sensei Ward received a master’s teaching certificate (Shihan) in 2014. He studied martial arts systems, designed and conducted self-defense courses, and owns martial arts schools. These schools are in several states and include a martial arts school for people ages 4-18 years in Alexandria, Louisiana.