The Secrets of Tai Chi (Secret 2)

Master Yang & Shifu Ward plating push hands in Master Yang’s chalet (studio) in Beijing China

The Connected Body and Energy Flow

There are over 600 muscles, 200 bones and 1000 ligaments and tendons in the human body. Needless to say, our physical form is complicated and vast. An important key secret of tai chi play is it engages all in an integrated and holistic single living system of body, mind, and spirit. It’s about connecting the three to empower each of them. As with many things in life, unity and teamwork strengthen us. This principle applies to tai chi as well.

Tai Chi practice, called tai chi play, integrates movement, flow, and intent in majestic choreographed routines that have been perfected over a thousand years. In proper tai chi play, we learn to release our energy flow through re-establishing our connected body as if we were children.

This may seem silly, but give this thought a chance. Look at how children between the ages of 4 to 8 play. Their bodies are naturally connected without thoughts or limitations holding them back. They act in a way that shows they do not think about what is possible and what isn’t. The vast majority of us lose this as we age. Tai Chi reestablishes the natural connections to help our bodies and minds perform and behave as we were created to do.

Whether you’re in Metro Detroit, Michigan, or elsewhere, tai chi can be taught to you. Are you ready to seek out the practices and benefits of tai chi & more? Check out our events to learn more about when you can participate.

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