Tai Chi & More

Sensei Ward and his young tiger class in his dojo in Louisiana, USA

Tai Chi & More is a modern-day application of the ancient art of Taijiquan and the modern understanding for peak performance, western physical training science and techniques. Tai Chi & More is designed to reach and be relevant to ages 8 to 100, those who are active and those who are not, families, lovers, business owners and employees, seniors and veterans.

Tai Chi & More offers three levels of Tai Chi Play, instruction, training and practice:

1) Introductory (Complimentary)

2) Silver

3) Gold

Generally, the introductory level is 3 to 6 months and is the perfect membership for tai chi beginners.

The Silver level is 3 to 12 months and the Gold level is for a lifetime.

Importantly, at each level the practitioners learn lessons that will serve them for a lifetime, even if they decide not to continue Tai Chi Play.

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