The Secrets of Tai Chi (Secret 1)

Master Lu demonstrating basic Lushi Tai Chi position

Tai chi has been practiced for over 1,000 years. The historical origin is China. But today’s reach is global. Its growth across the world is due to its applications to the improvement in life. There is a large gap in knowledge and experience between beginners and masters. Masters know the secrets gained from within. But what are the secrets of tai chi and how can those secrets benefit us in our everyday life? My next several blogs will present the secrets of tai chi and the benefits to each of us in our daily lives. Many consider tai chi to be the “fountain of youth”. With daily tai chi play, one can hold on to or regain aspects of what it means to be young. The two parts include younger physical capabilities like flexibility, balance, strength, stamina, and stronger mental existence, like discipline, focus, resolve, and harmony.

In addition, regular tai chi play allows our internal energy to be more present in our daily lives. Think of our internal energy as our “life force”, and the energy that animates us. This internal energy is our “chi”.  Without “chi” we would be nothing but a glob of lifeless mass. Tai chi promotes our “complete self” as three distinct domains: mind, body and spirit (our internal life force). We know how to develop and improve our body. We workout. We do aerobics. We do weight training. And, we pay money for all sorts of trendy physical workout routines.

We know how to improve our minds. We read, study, attend schools, go to seminars... yes, we know how to improve our minds. But, how do we develop and allow the magnificence of our spiritual energy to be more present in our lives? This, most of us do not know how to do. Secret #1 is Tai chi unlocks our inner life force to be present in all we do.  This is the most important secret of tai chi.

More to come …

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